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Responsive Website Redesign Concept


ASIMI (Greek jewellery online store)


Redesign ASIMI's responsive website and give it a seamless shopping experiences that emulates trying on jewellery as if the user were in a physical store; from the comfort of their own home. Give the redesign a modern, clean and contemporary feel which stands out from other jewellery sites and create a luxurious feeling of satisfaction for the user. 



The founder provided me with the style guide and link to their current website  (screenshots below);  I analysed both to gain a full understanding on the brand guidelines and current format of the site. 

I noted the following points: 

  • Follows similar layout to other fashion/beauty/jewellery retailers.

  • Menu navigation bar carries too many links - can be cut down by sub-categorising.

  • Good use of imagery throughout, not too much text, likes products to speak for itself. 

  • 8 products in total, 3 separate pages.

With ASIMI's current website in mind, I began to structure out the ASIMI''s new sitemap, but first I wanted write out some user stories to articulate how a ASIMI's website will deliver a an experience back to its customer.
As an ASIMI customer, I want to know...
  • what ASIMI is and learn about their products/services.
  • Want to browse their jewellery in efficiently.
  • Want to view ASIMI's product and read details about them.
  • Want to contact ASIMI if I have any enquiries
  • Want to follow ASIMI on socials. 
  • Want to find out my ring size on ASIMI rings.
  • Want to try on the jewellery I'm viewing from the comfort my on home from my phone.
Current Sitemap.png
I decreased the number of pages in ASIMI's navigation menu by subcategorising the extra pages under one page; this gives the  menu a cleaner interface and doesn't look overcrowded to the user. I also removed information pages in the menu navigation bar and decided to place them in the footer section to be accessed as this was seen on many other popular jewellery websites. I decided to condense the ring size guide page onto the product page for each ring product as well.
Revised Sitemap.png
Now that I had established the information architecture of the app, I was ready to sketch the low-fidelity wireframes by hand and turn them into black and white mid-fidelity wireframes using Sketch; here are some of the screens below:
One challenge I encountered during this project was having enough time to gain user testing feedback from participants. User feedback plays an important part in the iteration process as this allows me to gain real life opinions from customers and apply any improvements that are necessary. I have learnt that time is of the essence when designing and to note down realistic completion times when planning my design process, thus allowing me to have time to complete the whole project effectively.  I will carry this out for future projects. 
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